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Switzerland Gold 20 Franc, BU
Helvetica design (Minted 1883, 1886-1896)

Swiss Gold 20 Francs “Helvetica” Obverse

Swiss Gold 20 Francs “Helvetica” Reverse

Swiss gold 20 franc “Helveticas” are exactly the same size and weight as French Roosters and Swiss Vrenelis, but they're quite a bit scarcer in the market. In choice Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, they're trading for almost the same price as commoner coins, making them an excellent value.

We recommend BU Helveticas to European gold collectors and bulk gold investors looking for old, scarce, high quality gold coins at low prices.

Switzerland's debut gold coin
Beginning in 1866 and lasting until 1927, France, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland joined together to form the Latin Monetary Union (LMU), a precursor of the European Union. Soon joined by other nations, they agreed to change their national currencies to standardized weights and ratios of silver and gold in order to facilitate trade.

As a result, the popular "20 franc" series of European gold coins was born, consisting of identically-sized coins from these four and other European nations, each containing exactly .1867 troy ounces of gold.

Swiss 20 franc "Helvetica" gold coins were the first ones minted by Switzerland in accordance with the LMU, giving them a unique place in coinage history. The Latin phrase on the obverse, "Confoederation Helvetica," refers to the ancient name for Swiss people from Romans times, the "Helvetii." Like the U.S., Switzerland has long been a confederation of states, or cantons, held together by a central government. The reverse features the traditional Swiss cross.

Minted well over a century ago, Swiss Helveticas are relatively scarce today in select Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. As Switzerland's debut coin of the beloved "20 franc" series of gold coins, they're historically important and collectible.

Swiss Helveticas are considered to be scarce collectible coins and are therefore exempt from confiscation. They are completely private and non-reportable, unlike most modern gold bullion coins, making them an excellent choice for bulk gold investors.


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Swiss Gold 20 Franc “Helveticas”
Brilliant Uncirculated

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Design Specifications:
Minted     1883, 1886-1896
Gold content     0.1867 oz.
Size     21 mm diameter
Fineness     .900 Fine