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Switzerland Gold 20 Franc, BU
Helvetia (or Vreneli) design (Minted 1897-1935, '47, '49)

Swiss Gold 20 Francs “Helvetias” Obverse

Swiss Gold 20 Francs “Helvetias” Reverse

Swiss gold 20 franc “Helvetias” (also called "Vrenelis") are one of the most popular European gold coins and are often considered to be among the loveliest. In choice Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, Helvetias are an excellent choice for bulk gold investors looking for attractive, high quality, gold coins at low prices.

Lovely design, fascinating history
The obverse of the Swiss Helvetia depicts “Vreneli,” the charming “Swiss Miss” of proverb, framed against the majestic Alps. The reverse has a radiant image of the traditional Swiss arms, featuring the famous Swiss cross, and the wreath of the Republic at the bottom.

The name “Helvetia” dates back to Roman times when it was the term for the original inhabitants of what is now Switzerland. Celtic by extraction, the “Helvetii” were conquered by Julius Caesar in 58 B.C. during his famous Gallic campaign (“I came, I saw, I conquered”), setting the stage for his ascendancy as first Emperor of Rome.

Switzerland’s central location, privacy laws, and political stability have helped make it one of the world’s most important financial centers. Swiss currency has never been devalued. Swiss gold coins, like these Helvetias, are cherished worldwide for their fine gold content and excellent minting.

Low Premiums, excellent value
Because of their wide and constant availability, Helvetias trade remarkably close to their intrinsic gold value. One should never pay a high premium (price over gold value) for Helvetias in today’s market.

Swiss Helvetias are considered to be scarce collectible coins and are therefore exempt for confiscation. They are completely private and non-reportable, unlike most modern gold bullion coins.


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Swiss Gold 20 Franc “Helvetias”
Brilliant Uncirculated

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Design Specifications:
Minted     1897-1935, '47, '49
Gold content     0.1867 oz.
Size     21 mm diameter
Fineness     .900 Fine