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Denmark Gold 20 Kroner, BU
Christian IX or "Mermaid" design (Minted 1873-74, 1877, 1890, 1900)

Denmark Gold 20 Kroner “Mermaids” Obverse

Denmark Gold 20 Kroner “Mermaids” Reverse

Denmark 20 Kroner “Mermaids” are among the most scarce and sought after of Nordic gold coins. Minted for merely seven years and in very limited quantities, they're difficult to source today in choice Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. Small caches like this one surface occasionally and tend to sell quickly.

The first modern Danish gold coin
In 1873, Denmark and Sweden agreed to issue gold coins of a uniform weight and fineness, much like today’s Euro. Danish 20 kroners featured contemporary monarchic portraits, beginning with Christian IX in 1873, changing to Frederick VIII in 1908, and culminating with Christian X in 1913.

Our Mermaids are the original Christian IX issue, hand-picked in shimmering Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The reverse depicts an image of Liberty seated with a large fish at her feet and a sheaf of wheat behind her, representing the “loaves and fishes” of Christian providence and plenty. The tail of the fish seems to extend from Liberty herself, as if she’s a mermaid, giving these special coins their affectionate nickname.

True scarcity, low premiums, great buy
Scarcity and collector demand have established the market value of Mermaids well above their intrinsic gold value. However, when they’re available at a reasonable premium, as ours are today, they offer a rare buying opportunity to purchase scarce Nordic gold at a good value. A great addition to European gold coin collections!


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Denmark Gold 20 Kroner “Mermaids”, Christian IX
Brilliant Uncirculated Condition

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Design Specifications:
Minted     1873-74, 1877, 1890, 1900
Gold content     0.2592 ounces
Size     23 mm