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British Gold Sovereign, BU
India Mint (1918)

British Gold Sovereigns India Mint (1918) Obverse

British Gold Sovereigns India Mint (1918) Reverse

British Gold Sovereigns India Mint (1918) Closeup

Struck at the Bombay mint for one year only, India Mint Sovereigns are a scarce and popular example of the George V design of British Sovereigns. We’re pleased to offer a small cache of these unique gold coins in choice Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. Ideal for set collections!

A unique wartime measure
During World War I, as a unique and temporary wartime measure, gold sovereigns were struck in India at the Bombay mint. Prior to this time and afterward, the Bombay mint only produced the gold blanks upon which sovereigns were struck at other British mints.

Featuring the distinctive “I” mint mark on the reverse, just below the horse’s hooves on the ground line and just above the date, these are the only British Gold Sovereigns struck in Britain’s largest and most important colony.

Although the striking took place between August 15, 1918 and April 22, 1919, all coins struck bear the 1918 date. A total of 1,295,000 coins were struck, but most have been lost to the ravages of time, making this an especially scarce issue.

An inspirational wartime leader
George V was the second son of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. A career navy officer, he succeeded to the throne in 1910 and became an inspirational leader during World War I, visiting the front numerous times to bolster morale.

Sometimes called “the most trusted coins in the world,” these British Sovereigns were included in the survival kits of American pilots during both World War II and Desert Storm.


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British "India Mint" Gold Sovereigns (1918)
Brilliant Uncirculated

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Design Specifications:
Minted     1918
Weight     7.9881 Grams
Composition     .917 Gold, .083 Copper
Gold content     0.2354 ounces
Size     22 mm