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U.S. $20 Liberty gold coins, MS62
Pre-1900 dates

$20 Liberty gold double eagles Obverse

$20 Liberty gold double eagles Reverse

Common date Type 3 $20 Liberty gold coins are very popular and for good reasons. In Mint State 62 condition, they combine true scarcity, large gold content, and moderate prices to create an excellent buy in bulk gold.

Most investors don’t realize that pre-1900 $20 Liberty coins are two to three times scarcer than the later dates. Yet they're trading today for virtually the same price as their commoner brethren, making them an even better value!

Minted from 1866 to 1907, $20 Libs were the crucial building blocks of expanding U.S. financial markets in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The classic portrait of Miss Liberty on the obverse and the bold heraldic Eagle on the reverse stand today as inspiring symbols of America’s emergence as a mature world power during this important period.

Added profit potential
Out of an original mintage of tens of million, only a small fraction has survived in Mint State 62 condition. Their true scarcity can mean higher premiums during periods of peak demand.

Unlike most forms of gold bullion, they are exempt from broker reporting requirements. In our opinion, they're better than bullion for bulk gold buyers.


$1,548.75 each!

U.S. $20 Liberty gold coins, Pre-1900 dates, Mint State 62

Independently certified by PCGS or NGC. Pre-1900 dates and Mints our choice.
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Design Specifications
Designer     James B. Longacre
Gross Weight     33.346 grams
Net Weight     .96750 oz. pure gold
Composition      .900 gold, .100 copper
Diameter     34 mm, reeded edge.
Participating Mints
Philadelphia     1849-1907
New Orleans     1850-1861, & 1879
San Francisco     1854-1907
Carson City     1870-1893