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French 20 Franc “Angel” Gold Coin Jewelry
Legendary good luck charms

Of all the classic European gold coins we handle, the French 20 franc Lucky Angels are our favorite. Slightly smaller than a U.S. quarter, Angels feature a lovely design and a fascinating history as good luck charms.

We select only the finest Brilliant Uncirculated coins for unsurpassed eye-appeal. Set in our exquisite 14-karat gold bezels (rope-style or plain) and combined with an existing gold chain, these beautiful old coins make exceptionally fine and immensely popular gold necklaces.

The legend of the Lucky Angel

These gold Angels have always been regarded as lucky charms. Their legend began in the mid-1790s when Dupré claimed he was saved from the guillotine by one of the original Angel coins in his pocket. Pilots in World War I always carried a gold Lucky Angel coin in their kit for protection, and ship captains seldom went to sea without one in their vest pocket. The magnificent “Guardian Angel” design on the obverse was originally created during the French Revolution by Augustine Dupré. In 1871 this beautiful design was resurrected by the Third Republic for the French gold 20 franc coin.


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In a 14-karat rope-style bezel

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Dates our choice.



In a 14-karat plain-style bezel

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Dates our choice.
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Design Specifications:
Minted: 1871-98
Gold Content:      0.1867 troy oz.
Size: 21 mm diameter
Fineness: .900 Fine

French 20 franc “Lucky Angel, obverse, in a rope bezel
20 franc "Lucky Angel", obverse,
in a rope bezel
French 20 franc “Lucky Angel, reverse, in a plain bezel
20 franc "Lucky Angel",reverse,
in a plain bezel