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Authentic Gold Coin Jewelry
In 14-karat gold bezels

Gold jewelry featuring authentic U.S. Mint and European gold coins is beautiful, elegant, and impressive. At once artwork and hard asset, our gold coin jewelry always attracts attention and never goes out of style. Plus, coin jewelry is a gold investment you can wear!

Heirloom Quality

$20 Liberty in a plain-style bezel
A rope-style bezel featuring the versatile and secure screw-top.

All gold jewelry made from gold coins is not created equally. Our coin jewelry is among the very best you can find anywhere. Here’s why:

  • Finest selection.
    You may choose from among many different coin options in three distinctive gold jewelry collections:

    Classic U.S. Gold Jewelry Collection European Gold Jewelry Collection Modern Gold Jewelry Collection
  • Finest gold coins.
    All of the gold coins we offer in our gold jewelry are of the highest quality. Our expert numismatists hand-select coins with outstanding luster and eye-appeal in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) or Almost Uncirculated (AU) grades, depending on the type of coin. When used in high quality gold jewelry, these coin grades offer the best combination of exceptional attractiveness, low price, and high value retention.
  • Finest 14-karat gold “screw top” bezels.
    We hand-mount all gold coins in elegant 14k gold screw-type bezels, which compliment our gold coins perfectly. These are are made by one of the top coin jewelry manufacturers in the country and are the highest quality bezels on the market. They feature the popular and versatile “screw top,” which holds your coin securely in place but also allows you to remove it if you wish. Our 22 years of experience have taught us that this is simply the best bezel available for gold jewelry. You have a choice of two bezel styles, plain or rope.

The result is heirloom-quality gold jewelry that you’ll be proud to wear, proud to give, and that your friends will envy. Truly, this is among the finest gold coin jewelry that money can buy.

Classic U.S. Gold Jewelry Collection

Our Classic U.S. Gold Jewelry Collection features authentic American gold coins from a bygone era. Recognized worldwide for their beauty, these U.S. gold coins were designed by some of our nation’s most accomplished sculptors, and stand on their own as inspiring and historical works of art. Show your national pride with these timeless symbols of American strength and dignity.

$10 Indian in a plain-style bezel$20 Saint-Gaudens in a rope-style bezel

We offer gold jewelry in eight lovely U.S. gold coin designs:

Only choice Almost Uncirculated (AU) grade coins are selected for our Classic U.S. Gold Collection. We’ve found this grade to offer the best combination or low price, exceptional eye-appeal, and high value retention when set in gold jewelry. We do not use Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) grade U.S. gold coins because they can depreciate substantially when placed in jewelry.



European Gold Jewelry Collection

The gold coins in our European Gold Jewelry Collection are some of the most interesting and tasteful of all world coin designs, and create superb gold jewelry. These authentic gold coins are a bit smaller in size than the some of the U.S. Gold Jewelry Collection, and are perfect for a delicate, continental look.

French 20 franc "Lucky Angel" in a rope-style bezelBritish George V gold sovereign "King" in a plain-style bezel

We offer a variety of lovely designs from several European countries:

In our European Gold Jewelry collection we hand-select only the finest examples of Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) coins for outstanding eye-appeal. The only exception is Queen Victoria gold sovereign coins, which are too scarce and costly in BU for use in jewelry without reducing their value. Unlike U.S. gold coins, most European coins in Brilliant Uncirculated lose very little of their value when used in jewelry because they trade so close to their intrinsic gold value.

We’ve found the British sovereign “Queens” and French “Lucky Angels” to be especially popular with women, while the British sovereign “Kings” and French “Roosters” are typically preferred by men.



Modern Gold Jewelry Collection

Quarter-ounce U.S. Gold Eagle in a rope-style bezel

In addition to Classic U.S. gold coins, we offer gold jewelry featuring two types of Modern American gold coins:

Only gem-quality Brilliant Uncirculated examples of these gold bullion coins are selected for our Modern Gold Jewelry Collection. We will be adding more Modern gold coins in the future, so please check back for more.